Philipp Wenger is a skilled advertising agent and is a marketing pro through and through. After many years working as manager in a media company he became self-employed. As a management partner in Wenger & Steyns GmbH, he is responsible for customer advice and overall administration. Alongside his role in the advertising agency he is also a published specialist writer and has written books and contributed articles to magazines and the IHK [Chamber of Industry and Commerce] journal.

Lothar Steyns is shareholder of Wenger & Steyns GmbH. As strategic partner he operates in an advisory capacity for the company and supports the company in their entrepreneurial decisions. He is the ideal sparring partner for Wenger & Steyns GmbH because of his multi-layered fields of activity in his main profession as executive partner with long-standing professional experience or as an active commercial judge and chair of the business club and various audit committees of IHK[Chamber of Industry and Commerce] Aachen.